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Do You Ever Feel Like You Could Live A More Joyful And Fulfilled Life?

Or maybe there’s something inside you that’s not quite satisfied with how you’re living?

You’re not alone.

In fact, based on research, people are becoming more and more unhappy with their life. The truth is, unhappiness is becoming a global phenomenon. The world is at an all time high when it comes to sadness.

Even now that we’re connected more than ever, we feel the connection less and less.

We use social media to be near those who are far from us. But because of addiction and mindless scrolling…

…it makes us feel far from those near us.

In the end, it makes us feel alone, sad, and empty. And we start looking for “more” to fill the hole inside. More…

  • Money
  • Promotions
  • Experiences
  • Stuff
  • Relationship


But in the midst of more, we feel happier less and less. We accumulate more and get a shot of dopamine. Only to feel “high” for about one second – then coming back to the feeling of emptiness.

The goal of this blog is to overcome that. To help people live a more joyful and fulfilled life. One reader at a time.

How You Can Benefit From This Blog

There is only one central focus question this blog tries to answer: “How can we live a more joyful and fulfilled life by achieving our fullest potentials?” Because of that, I’ve made it my mission to search and share with you practical ideas that work which will answer that question.

This came from the One Big Idea that I’ve always tried to follow: Growth is the spring of life. I stayed true with that principle and it has made all the difference.

The articles I’ll create will focus on:

  1. Essentialist Living – the principles and philosophies of Essentialism applied in everyday life; and 
  2. Essential Ingredients For Success – distilled to its very core, we’ll look at the few critical ingredients of success.

And to give us a holistic perspective about things, we’ll try to answer that question by looking through different lenses:

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Science
  • Faith and Spirituality
  • Personal anecdotes, stories, and biographies

I’ve been told that I have a knack for explaining big and complicated concepts in such simple and understandable ways. That’s why I created this blog to share with you some concepts that can help you achieve your full potentials and live a more joyful and fulfilled life.

The Meaning Behind The Logo

Learn Essentialism Logo

The idea of this blog’s logo came from two things: (1) my heritage; and (2) an overarching philosophy.

The above image is the ancient form of writing in the Philippines: baybayin. It’s read as “ligaya” or joy. The bottom text is an overarching philosophy I live by as an Essentialist: the disciplined pursuit of less but better.

The aim of the logo (and of this blog) is to help you find joy in less but better things:

  • Lesser projects and activities, but more fulfillment…
  • Fewer yet closer, tight-knit relationships… 
  • Fewer ventures, but more success and impact…

And so forth.

The Source Of Joy

You see, I believe that joy comes from knowing what’s essential in your life. Then removing anything that distracts you from enjoying it.

Essentialism is the way to accomplish that.

Just like the ultimate essentialist I know, Jesus. He focused on one single purpose – to die for your sins and my sins – and let nothing distract Him.

This blog is dedicated to people who are looking for that missing “something.” It’s for people who, just like me, are tired of searching.

It’s time to stop looking outside of us and focus on the critical few – the essentials that we intuitively know within. If you want to start learning about essentialism and have a deeper understanding of it, stick around. I’ll make it worth your while.

Hi, I’m Jeric!

Hey there! Thanks for reading this blog! My name is Jeric and here are some interesting facts about me:

Jeric Stick Man
  • I have an under-grad degree in Clinical Psychology
  • I’m a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and a Milton Erikson Certified Hypnotherapist
  • I’m an author of 3 books, an Online Direct Marketing Consultant, and a Business Growth Specialist.
  • During the day, I help my clients grow their business online.
  • At night, I put on my cape and try to help the world by writing on this blog.
  • My life mission is to inspire people to reach their full potentials!

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